Real Estate Board: February a Good Month for Vancouver Homes for Sale

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"On the other hand, single-family detached homes had heftier price tags with the Vancouver West neighborhood tallying the priciest median of $2,145,200. West Vancouver comes in close second with a median price of $1,901,000. On a more general aspect, Vancouver’s overall benchmark price was $609,100, up 3.2 percent from a year ago. There’s literally hundreds of lovely homes for sale in Vancouver, B.C., and first-time homebuyers may find it hard to choose one. Fortunately, established real estate companies like Vancouver Canada Homes are there to help their clients narrow down their choices."

Boon for Buyers: Prices of Condos for Sale in Vancouver Remain Stable

Monday, May 26, 2014

"On the other hand, Downtown Vancouver is not one to get left behind. Encircled by the sea with direct access to the sea wall and numerous beaches, the downtown provides enough amenities for residents looking to unwind. The over 1,000-acre Stanley Park is the headliner. The weather isn’t bad itself. Vancouver sports a fairly temperate climate, with dry but comfortable summer months, and rainy months during late fall or winter. There is only one way to experience living in the fifth most livable city in the world – try it for yourself! There’s a lot of affordable condos for sale in Vancouver, B.C. as of the moment, so grab the opportunity and call up real estate specialists like Vancouver Canada Homes now."

Who are the Next Buyers of Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Properties?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

"or instance, about 60 percent of investments in Vancouver’s luxury properties come from domestic investors, but that figure is likely to have grown much larger, now that Canada has imposed stricter immigration laws. According to many real estate agents in the city, a great number of the best luxury real estate in Vancouver can be found in Shaughnessy, Point Grey, and Kitsilano. However, trends in the economy have allowed other neighborhoods like Ambleside to enter the luxury market as well. While it is nice to see plenty of newcomers to the real estate industry, they must know that obtaining safe and lucrative investments isn’t as easy as it sounds."

Be in the Know! The Vancouver Real Estate Market Can Change Quickly

Thursday, May 22, 2014

"This is the reason why a great number of Chinese investors left Canada for other countries, after Finance Minister Jim Flaherty imposed stricter immigration laws on February 2014. Prices for real estate in Vancouver, B.C. can also be affected by demographics. For example, if a certain city has a larger proportion of retirees rather than young people, then it is likely that that location has a greater demand for affordable houses and vacation homes, rather than high-rise condos. Of course, this doesn’t always hold true, which is why it is important for real estate buyers and sellers to be in the loop on current market factors before they make deals."

Vancouver Neighborhood in Focus: Mount Pleasant

Monday, May 19, 2014

Vancouver is sprawling with suburbs filled with a mixture of races from native Canadians to Asians. Here's a quick feature guide on the different neighborhoods all over Vancouver, broken down to its stereotypes. Whether you're in the market for a house or condo unit, this guide is for you.

In this edition, the focus is on a neighborhood shared by both East and West: Mount Pleasant. Compared with most neighborhoods in the city, Mount Pleasant is relatively young (although its roots can be traced back to Brewery Creek in 1888, which was home to a number of breweries). Mount Pleasant is also home to Vancouver City Hall.

In terms of real estate, some companies divide Mount Pleasant between Vancouver East (VE) and Vancouver West (VW). Nevertheless, the neighborhood is friendly to first-time homebuyers, namely foreign buyers. East and Southeast Asians form roughly a third of Mount Pleasant's total population, while Chinese and Filipino form the bulk of non-English languages spoken.

If you need a reference as to what constitutes Mount Pleasant VE and Mount Pleasant VW, Kingsway is a good reference. The neighborhood east of Kingsway (or Main St.) falls under Mount Pleasant VE, while the neighborhood west of Kingsway is considered as Mount Pleasant VW.

Looking into the Option of Buying a Condo

Cheaper price tags than other real estate properties and minimum maintenance requirements are among the most popular advantages of condo ownership. However, like other forms of investment, a condo also comes with a few disadvantages. Considering the things below can help one decide whether a condo is ideal for him or her.

Maintenance and Other Fees

While condo owners do not need to exert effort in maintaining their properties, they do need to pay monthly fees so that other people can do it for them. These fees are collected by the condo association who also oversees special projects and other improvements in the property. One concern about this is that rates can vary per month, taking some condo owners by surprise.

Rules and Regulations

While condos are privately owned and are therefore private space, owners still have to abide by the rules and regulations drawn up by the association. Rules and regulations vary among condos; for instance, some do not allow pets anywhere in the property, while some do but for a monthly fee. For this reason, before purchasing a condo, one must first familiarize himself or herself with the rules and regulations.

Lifestyle Adjustment

Buying a condo may not be a sensible move if the buyer plans to marry his or her beloved in a year’s time and start a family right after. However, if one is single and plans to remain so in the next five years or more, a condo is a good idea.

Common Home-buying Mistakes to Avoid

Friday, May 16, 2014

First-time home buyers can be vulnerable to mistakes that can prove very costly down the road. A home is a basic necessity that comes with a pretty big price tag. Once the deal is closed, it would be virtually impossible for the new owners to renounce the purchase even when they find disturbing issues around the home. This is why it’s crucial to avoid common home-buying mistakes that could have devastating consequences.

Probably the most common mistake is to shop around for a home without getting preapproved for a mortgage first. Preapproved mortgages often fall short of buyers’ expectations. This can create a problem if the buyer’s home choice costs more than the mortgage can cover.

Another common mistake is completely ignoring other options because the buyer is too blinded by one house. The truth is, there’s something in every buyer that tells him there’s probably a better option. On the other hand, the downside to being too picky is that the buyer might get lost amid his choices, and fail to make the right decision in the end.

Some buyers might also get sweet talked by the seller into bypassing an inspection altogether. Inspection is key to the accurate valuation of a property, and could reveal problems that the buyer might not have spotted on his own. Without an inspection, the buyer might only learn about these problems when he has already moved in to his new home. 

Buying a Home in a Livable City

Your choice of a home should not only revolve around appearances and amenities. Location and environment remain the most important factors to consider, as these can affect your lifestyle and comfort. The best way to start is to look for a neighborhood that has a reputation for “livability”.

Communities that have been cited as “highly livable” would have scored well in such categories as sustainability, social space, talent attraction, and economic dynamism. Many local governments are now designing their jurisdictions to have all the
characteristics of a livable place, not only to promote the welfare of the citizens, but also to entice real estate buyers and investors all over the country.

Choosing to buy a home in any one of these cities can be a good start for you. It can mean ample opportunities for gainful employment, or for starting and growing a business. Such a neighborhood is also likely to have a good school nearby for the children, and all the amenities you need for a balanced life. Simply put, the quality of life you can expect from a “livable city” would be high enough to keep you out of social and economic trouble.

One good example of a city that possesses virtually all characteristics of a livable city is Vancouver. With its favorable climate, economy, and attractions, Vancouver is definitely a choice place to settle in. Reliable real estate agents will only be too happy to show you the best deals you can find in the city.

Digital Marketing Key to Selling Vancouver Real Estate Faster

Friday, May 9, 2014

Seguin adds that these networks encourage sharing, making it easy to refer such posts to those looking to buy Vancouver homes for sale. As a result, digital marketing not only reduces listing duration, it also minimizes the effort that sellers have to exert to promote their house.

Vancouver Canada Homes is one of the area’s leading real estate firms. The company leverages its founder’s knowledge of digital marketing strategies and the local real estate market to facilitate home sales and to help clients find the best properties possible.

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