A Guide to Buying Kitsilano Houses for Sale Under Fixed Rate Mortgage

Monday, June 30, 2014

With this latest development, homebuyers in Vancouver will likely be encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity, and look quickly into their options in Kitsilano houses for sale. It’s also possible that those who put their plans of buying a home on hold due to high interest rates will rethink their decision now that things have taken a positive turn. However, with such attractive rates, there is the risk of borrowing too much. Below is a guide to home-shopping under a fixed- rate mortgage.

Acquiring Great Homes for Sale in Vancouver through Expert Realtors

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Buyers who want to make the most out of their property investment should keep these factors in mind while sifting through their options. What are considered great homes for sale in Vancouver will likely include perks and added amenities, which would jack up the price. Meanwhile, houses that are not really exceptional when it comes to features may still command high attention due to their affordability, tasteful design, and proximity to popular entertainment areas.

Real Estate Agents Help You Buy the Right Property

Friday, June 27, 2014

When you’re looking to buy a property in Vancouver, whether it is in Yaletown or Kitsilano, hiring a professional real estate agent would greatly help in leading you to the right home. With all the options out there, you’ll be needing all the help you can get so you won’t end up with regrets due to a bad deal. There are several ways a real estate agent can makes things easier for you.

First, they bring their experience to the table. Experienced real estate agents have years of practical knowledge they can share with you. They can help you identify what you want out of a house and match you with the right one in their listing. They’ll also know what houses not to show you based on your requirements, thereby saving time and effort.

Second, they are in the know. Buying a home isn’t just about the structural integrity of a house. You’ll also want to learn about the neighbourhood, what facilities are available, and other relevant info. An established agent would already have the information ready for you to peruse.

Third, they help in the negotiations. Real estate agents can often talk with the sellers about reducing prices and doing repairs before the sale. For first-time homebuyers, having a real estate professional on their side can ensure that they are presented with a reasonable selling price.

Important Tips Before and After Buying Condos for Sale in Vancouver

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Carefully think about upscale amenities. Always keep in mind that features like pools, saunas, deluxe gyms, or large common rooms typically require bigger fees to cover the upkeep. Ask yourself if you’ll actually use such amenities regularly to make the extra dollars worthwhile. Buying dependable condos for sale in Vancouver or other places in Canada doesn’t need to be difficult. Asking help from qualified people like Realtors can definitely go a long way.

Understand the Vancouver Real Estate Market with the Help of Realtors

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Distraught buyers should consult a Vancouver, BC real estate company before making any purchase, to avoid landing on the wrong property. Realtors from companies like Vancouver Canada Homes can help buyers determine their purchasing power and identify homes they can actively bid for. Realtors can also help in the entire negotiation process, making things easier for both the buyer and the seller.

Tips for Negotiating a Home Purchase

Friday, June 20, 2014

Are you ready to get the best price possible for your dream house? While it may sound intimidating especially for beginners, negotiating a home purchase isn’t really that hard with these easy-to­-understand tips heeded at every turn:
Do your homework.
Probably the most important item on this list, you should definitely come into a deal fully prepared. Looking at listings, you’ve probably considered a lot of factors before picking the best choice available. Indeed, once you have weighed your options and identified your needs, you can easily come up with the price you’re willing to pay. Numerous online resources, as well as magazines and other reading materials are abound to provide a wealth of information.
Get to know the seller and establish a connection.
This may sound silly, but tugging at a seller’s heartstrings can actually work if done right. For instance, you can tell a seller how the home is the perfect place for your family and kids to grow up in. If you’re lucky, you just might get a great deal.
Listen, and get important things in writing.
Always keep an ear out for the important factors when the seller is talking about figures. It is ideal to keep a list of the vital components of the sale (e.g. the existing furnishings, current problems, insurance, etc.) and make sure that those items are clearly stated in the contract.

Quick Tips for a Quicker Home Sale

Friday, June 13, 2014

The real estate market is pretty much like the movement of the tides: one day it’s on a high, and the next thing you know, it’s already on a low. To beat this unpredictability, many home sellers have adopted means that can help them quickly put their home on the market and close its sale before the tides change. Here are some helpful hints:


One of the best ways to make your home for sale stand out is to set it apart from your neighbors or from other properties on the listing services with you. Do this by investing in helpful improvements like getting a porch or deck, landscaping your yard, or fixing up your roof. Just don’t overdo it though, otherwise your selling price might skyrocket and your house will become too expensive for comfort.

Price Right

The reason why you should keep from overdoing the improvements is that while you probably don’t want to sell your house at a loss, you also shouldn’t price it too steeply that prospective buyers will have a list of more low-cost houses to visit before they even start considering yours. The right price is the balance between profit and a sensible cost.

Cleaning up

When you’re about to host an open house event, be sure to clean up all the clutter in your home. You should also hide away any personal belongings, so that the visitors can easily imagine themselves as the owner of the property you’re selling.

Facts about Having Dogs in Your Condo

Sunday, June 8, 2014

If you’re looking to buy a condo, make sure that you can bring your pets along with you, since there are many buildings that completely ban pets from their units. If you do manage to get a condo that allows little Fido to live with you though, here are a few things you should consider:


Know that all dogs need varying degrees of exercise, and if you don’t meet this need they could end up with destructive tendencies. In short, leaving a big, hulking Great Dane or Husky in a crammed condo unit without giving the time of day to go out for walks means that you might go home to a condo with damaged furniture like a chewed up couch.


It’s also essential that you clean up after your dog, and maybe house-train him while you’re at it. One of the main reasons that discourage condo owners from allowing pets is that they might leave odors and stains all over the place which could make for very expensive cleaning. Having a pet in a condo is all about responsibility.

Manage Interiors

Make sure that your condo’s interiors provide as much space as possible by keeping furniture as close to the walls as you can. Don’t leave anything that could be mistaken as a chew toy. Moreover, you should also be mindful about your downstairs neighbors by putting rugs on the floor to minimize the noise made by your energetic canine buddy.

House Flipping for Beginners

Monday, June 2, 2014

TV shows make it look so simple: you buy a fixer-upper, renovate it, and then sell it for a whopping profit. However, ask anyone who has ever tried house flipping personally, the task is a lot harder than it seems. To maximize your property investment project, consider these tips.

Be in the know.

You need to be able to pick the right property to be successful. You also need to know which renovations to prioritise, which can be put off for later, and which can be skipped altogether. You must likewise be knowledgeable about tax laws and when to cut your losses and abandon the project before it becomes a money pit.

Start early.

House flipping is a time-consuming project. Not only do you need to allot some time to find and buy the right property, you may also need a month or two to fix it up depending on its condition. Plus, when finished, you also need to have the property inspected to ensure it complies with building codes. The point is, make sure you have ample time to do everything that needs to be done.

Do some—if not most—of the work yourself.

The real money in house flipping comes from being handy with house tools. Hiring a professional to do all the work reduces the odds of profiting from your investment. Thus, you may want to brush up on your DIY skills or call on your closest friends or relatives to help you out.

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