Getting Ready to Say Goodbye—Selling Your House

Monday, September 15, 2014

Regardless of how settled in you are, there’s always a possibility that you will move to another location elsewhere in B.C., another province in Canada, or even abroad. When you have nobody in Vancouver to bequeath your house too and you’re no longer looking back, you can put it up as one of the many Vancouver homes for sale. Fortunately, there are ways to make your property buyer-ready.

Unloading Baggage
Part of the process of selling your house is conditioning yourself to accept that someone else deserves to live there. In regard with this, you ought to clear the place of all your personal belongings; this includes any special attachments like a chandelier or similar fixtures—unless they are included in the selling price. All closets and kitchen cabinets must be stripped of contents and cleaned as some buyers will be interested in opening them. You can either throw away, donate, or sell the items, or put them in storage.
Have the place inspected for minor repair issues before calling your trusted real estate agent to put up a listing. You will also have to do some of the cleaning yourself, such as power washing the exterior and cleaning the windows, vacuuming the interior, and caulking the bathroom fixtures. Deodorise the house as well to help buyers breathe freely during the open house.

Selling a house can be a way of saying goodbye to the past. It would all be worth it when you’ve prepared well. 


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