What Are the Features of a Luxury Condo?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

As with other luxury items, the demand for luxury condos does not decrease with increasing prices. Instead their value is enhanced, attracting investors who are looking for properties in the luxury market. Buyers of luxury condos naturally want to make sure that they get the best value for their money, and thus look for features that rightly place these properties in the luxury class.

As with any other real estate property, location is a prime consideration when valuing a luxury condo. It will need to be situated in a highly secure area, but with convenient access to the necessities of its residents, such as schools and offices. Needless to say, the location has to be a well-kept and maintained area. A condo unit's placement in the building can also affect its value, with penthouse units typically considered the most luxurious. A good view from within the unit also helps to enhance its value.

A luxury condo naturally has to have the right size, and good interior planning and design. Spaciousness is another feature of most luxury condos. A smaller-spaced luxury condo needs to be built such that it still affords the resident ample room to move around, and does not appear cramped or boxed-in.

Another feature which sets luxury condos apart from the others are the amenities provided in the condo. Exclusive pools, gyms, and gardens are some of the facilities offered by most luxury condos. Others provide extra services such as valet parking and housekeeping. 


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