Choosing the Perfect Condominium

Monday, December 30, 2013

Not everyone who wants a house wants the responsibilities associated with living in the suburbs. People who don’t want to spend their weekends mowing the lawn or repainting their fence often choose to live in condominiums instead. In condos, occupants pay a fee that covers property maintenance so they can spend their long-awaited weekends enjoying the various amenities that condos offer.

In a metropolis like Vancouver, however, there are countless condos to choose from and the options can be overwhelming for first-time buyers. Don’t despair though; below are a few tips to help you land the condo of your dreams:

Get a trusted realtor
No one knows the Vancouver real estate market better than realtors, so hire a local one that has extensive experience in finding suitable condos for clients. Just tell them what type of condo you need and they’ll prepare a shortlist of properties that you can view.

Location is everything
Location, location, location—no word is more important when it comes to real estate. The best condos are situated near business districts, schools, shopping centers, and hospitals. Be warned, though: they can be pricey.

Check the floor plan
You won’t have quite the same freedom when it comes to renovating your condo unit like you would with single-detached homes. Therefore, choose one with a layout that fits your needs since major structural changes have to be approved by the condo board first.


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