Is the Vancouver Condo Lifestyle Right for You?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Living in a condominium is one of those quirks of modern life that we have come to accept. Being in the middle ground between renting an apartment and buying a house, life in a condo has its own pitfalls and benefits. These pros and cons can be seen in the urban lifestyles in cities like Vancouver. 

Vancouver has a lot of condominiums. It is a sizable enough market that real-estate developers take note of its fluctuations and changes. Many prefer buying one because of the amenities that they provide and other additional benefits. 

Still, it is a serious proposition to start housekeeping in a condominium. This is mostly because it takes a certain type of person to adapt well to a condo. Most of them have certain rules that need to be followed and are often lacking in privacy, mostly because of the room's close quarters. These can be too much for some people. 

There are advantages to living in a condo, though. House maintenance is outside of your hands– so no gutter cleaning or puttering around for you. Additionally, condos are often conveniently located near commercial centers and other fun places, so no need for a car. 

A condominium isn't exactly an easy place to live in but it has its rewards. You should decide if you can handle living in one before you move in.


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