Facts about Having Dogs in Your Condo

Sunday, June 8, 2014

If you’re looking to buy a condo, make sure that you can bring your pets along with you, since there are many buildings that completely ban pets from their units. If you do manage to get a condo that allows little Fido to live with you though, here are a few things you should consider:


Know that all dogs need varying degrees of exercise, and if you don’t meet this need they could end up with destructive tendencies. In short, leaving a big, hulking Great Dane or Husky in a crammed condo unit without giving the time of day to go out for walks means that you might go home to a condo with damaged furniture like a chewed up couch.


It’s also essential that you clean up after your dog, and maybe house-train him while you’re at it. One of the main reasons that discourage condo owners from allowing pets is that they might leave odors and stains all over the place which could make for very expensive cleaning. Having a pet in a condo is all about responsibility.

Manage Interiors

Make sure that your condo’s interiors provide as much space as possible by keeping furniture as close to the walls as you can. Don’t leave anything that could be mistaken as a chew toy. Moreover, you should also be mindful about your downstairs neighbors by putting rugs on the floor to minimize the noise made by your energetic canine buddy.


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