Three Considerations for Buying a Vancouver Condo

Friday, August 8, 2014

Vancouver is one of the largest and most popular cities in Canada, which makes it easy to understand why many people choose to relocate here. Among their choices of residence is a condominium, and most condos for sale in Vancouver are sizable and lucrative investments. This makes it all the more important for buyers to take steps in ensuring that their purchases don’t come back to bite them in the end.
The first thing that buyers must consider is the condo’s maintenance and repair history. This information can be found by reading the minutes of the condo board association’s meetings, which also deals with other issues in the property, like problematic tenants or the lack of certain amenities.
The minutes may also shed light on the condo’s reserve or contingency fund, which is the second factor that buyers must consider. This fund is used by the association to pay for basic repairs, roof replacements, and the like without asking the tenants for contributions. Naturally, it should be large enough to cover for accidental damage and unforeseen maintenance issues that may arise in the future.
The third and last consideration is the location of the condo itself. Ideally, a condo a Vancouver should offer a wide range of amenities and accommodations like restaurants, spas, gyms, and entertainment establishments. It should also be accessible by public transportation, which is especially the case for condos found in Kerrisdale and South Granville.


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