Kick Up Your Heels in Kitsilano

Monday, September 22, 2014

There’s something special about life near a large body of water, especially if it’s the ocean. Coming home has a calming and almost hypnotic effect on you after a long commute or a hectic day at work. Living in the neighborhood of Kitsilano in Vancouver feels something like that. Popularly known as the “Kits”, it is located in Vancouver’s west side along the south shore of English Bay.

Considered one of the healthier parts of Vancouver, Kitsilano is filled with Yoga and Pilates establishments along with organic groceries and wellness centers. With everything within walking distance, Kitsilano scored a 92 on WalkScore, making it the perfect environment for exercising and reaching fitness goals. Residents swear by what they fondly call their “Kitsilano lifestyle”.

One young mother named Amber, in her article for, literally has to pinch and ask herself “Do I really live here?” Her commute to work is a mere ten minutes, as is her young son’s school. She takes walks on the beach and marvels at the mountain views. There is an active arts and culture scene to enjoy on weekends. Amber really loves where she lives.

If living in Kitsilano sounds easy, that’s probably because it is. Kitsilano homes for sale are being snapped up in record time due to the drop in mortgage rates. It’s a community that is living life to the fullest. Now if more cities could kick back like Kitsilano, the world would be a calm and joyful place to live.


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