The Possibilities and Perks of an Open Floor Plan

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Although it may seem challenging to fill the large space of an open floor plan, the design actually opens your doors to several decorating possibilities and perks. Beautiful homes for sale in Vancouver may come with this layout. If you buy one of these properties, you can certainly enjoy its benefits and bring out your creativity in furnishing the space.

Strategic furniture use
In decorating an expansive room, you must use furniture and decor that will let you maximise the space in terms of functions and aesthetics. To divide a big area, you can use long couches or benches, sleek tables, high cabinets (which give you more storage space), and even ornamental carpets.

More natural light
The windows stretching through the walls allow the room to receive plenty of natural light, which gives it a bright, airy, and serene ambiance, especially if you have a scenic view of the outdoors. This would even allow you to save on electricity costs during the day.

Closer ties
If you have a family, then the combined living room, dining room, and/or kitchen can definitely help you become more tight-knit. What’s more, the set-up can be advantageous when it comes to safety. If you have toddlers and younger children who are prone to exploring your kitchen or getting into trouble elsewhere, you can watch them even if you’re in another room.


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