Buying Great Condos for Sale in Vancouver

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Picture yourself having amassed a large amount of disposable income, and you’re ready to spend it on a new condo. In many respects, moving out of your parents’ home and settling into your own place is one big step towards full maturity and independence. Still, there are questions that may be bugging you—which fortunately, an experienced REALTOR® can help provide the answers to.

First things first, you need to talk with your agent about the general makeup of the area where you intend to look for a place. The location should have as many basic service outlets as possible, such as healthcare facilities, schools, public transportation terminals, and easy access to the central business district or your place of work. You should also ensure that your condo has the right security measures in place.
The traffic during peak and off-peak hours will be a big consideration if you need a place with peace and quiet. For instance, a bar located in the same building as your condo may raise some noise issues during late night hours due to the number of vehicles and people passing by.
A full inspection from the city engineer’s office is recommended if the complex has stood for a number of years. You will also need to factor in maintenance dues with the management.


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