Commanding the Price You Want for Your House

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Picture yourself having a good house under your name. It has a number of fine amenities and is situated in a secure neighborhood—the perfect place to raise a family in. However, what if circumstances demand that you sell it, and you want to command a price close to what you originally paid for it in the first place? You have to plan things carefully if you want to recoup your investment.

First, make sure that the entire place has been cleaned out of any personal stuff and make sure that everything is in good order. Take note that some sections of the house, such as the bathroom and kitchen, may add to the home's resale value.
Some experts say that it isn't prudent to jump at the first offer. You may want to set the bar first by offering the buyer your listing price, but if the buyer makes an offer that is somewhat lower than the listing price, than you can counter by trimming the listing price by $1,000. If you are organizing an open house after your agent puts up the listing, you can hold off on entertaining the offers until the day itself, then select the best bidders and have them resubmit an offer.
Keeping a tough stance on your negotiations may drive off some buyers. On the bright side, it allows you to remain firm and will help you recoup your investment.


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